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Let's be realistic

There are various reasons to want to learn to speak Korean.  We know that K culture, K Pop and K Food are trendy particularly among younger adults. So often potential students want to learn a few phrases in Korean, or the words of a song. There are many options for that type of Korean, with cheap lessons  based on self learning, or large group lessons where you learn one phrase a week and repeat words parrot fashion along with 10 or more other students. These lessons are okay for casual learners, but don't really work if you actually want to speak Korean


But The KLC is different. We teach people to speak Korean properly. We don't just teach our students phrases from the tourist books. Using our own lesson plans and text books, we ensure that when you use your  Korean language skills whether in Korea or in a Korean shop or restaurant in your own country, you will be understood. Have students who thought they could speak Korean ut when  they were in Korea even the taxi drivers couldn't understand what they were say. We make sure that we teach the correct pronunciation and grammar, and both reading and writing as well as spoken Korean.  We  teach the correct language based on the guidelines set out by the King Sejong Institute and the Korean Institute of Education.

We still ensure that everything Korean can be better understood and enjoyed but can teach right up to TOPIK Level 6 which is the highest level of Korean for non Koreans. This would allow  you to work and or study in South Korea.

We  believe that if you really do want to speak Korean properly we should be your first choice. The Korean Language Centre's promise is to teach you the  real , usable, modern day Korean Language.

So if you actually want to speak Korean, contact us today

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