Please read this to understand our focus

The Korean Language Centre  in London  is now recognised Internationally. One of the main reasons for this is that we teach people to speak Korean properly. We don't just teach our students phrases from the tourist books, or K Pop songs. We ensure that when you use your  Korean language skills whether in Korea or in a Korean shop or restaurant in your own country, you will be understood. We make sure that we teach the correct pronunciation and grammar, and both reading and writing as well as spoken Korean.  We  teach the correct language based on the guidelines set out by the King Sejong Institute and the Korean Institute of Education.
We also ensure that Korean Culture  K Food and even K Pop can be better understood and enjoyed but can teach right up to TOPIK Level 6 which is the highest level of Korean for non Koreans. This would allow  you to work and or study in South Korea.

We are also able to provide specialist services to businesses including Technical Korean, Film and Media Translation, and Interpreting Services.

The Korean Language Centre's promise is to teach you the  real Korean Language.

Information about our Lessons is below

We have simple and  transparent fees

  • All of our Lessons are currently Live Online  Classes.

  • We have three main types of classes. Group Classes, Mini Group Classes and One to One Lessons

  • The cost for all Group Lessons is still only £20 per hour per student. Availability depends upon the demand of other students at any one time.

  • One to One lessons will be available almost immediately and the discounted cost is only £28 per hour.

The standard Lesson Plans for both Group and Individual Classes are for 10 lessons of 2 hours each (20 hours). These are normally held once a week, online, and  as mentioned these are live fully interactive classes. The timings of the lessons are normally planned for the convenience of both the Students and the Tutor,  usually in the early  afternoon or evening during the week,  but we do occasionally have a time available for Saturday afternoon lessons. We supply all learning material. Students will also need a stable internet connection and access to google docs. There is also a small amount of home study which is set by the tutors.