Korea's Global Growth

Korean Identity is global

Korea's economic boom (Miracle on the Han river) and growing influence on Global market.
The Miracle on the  Han River refers to unprecedented economic boom in South Korea following the Korean war (1950–1953), during which South Korea transformed from  a developing country to a developed country in a remarkably short  period. The  reconstruction and development of the South Korean economy  during the latter half of the 20th century was accompanied by events  such as the country's successful hosting of the 1988 summer Olympics and its co-hosting of the 2002 FIFA World Cup as well as the ascension of  family-owned conglomerates known as Chaebols, such as Samsung, LG,  Hyundai and others which are now among the best known global brands

Today, South Korea  stands as the 11th largest economy in the world. The Korea’s rapid  transformation is attributed to the nation’s hard working ethics as well as strong faith in Education. Also, It is one of the countries that has  significant cultural influence on the global culture, standing 13th in  Global soft power reported in 2015. Led by the Korean food and the fashion and music industries, Korea is now becoming an important partner for trade and tourism.