TOPIK Lessons

TOPIK Lessons

Objectives of TOPIK

TOPIK aims to set a Korean Language learning path for those who do not speak Korean as their native tongue, and to promote the Korean language by officially evaluating their Korean Language proficiency.

Test Results

TOPIK results are valid for two(2) years from the time of test result announcements.


National Institute for International Education (NIIED), Ministry of Education.

Use of Test Results

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) participants taking the Korean language course

Entrance into Korean Universities as a non-native Korean Speaker

Employment in companies and public institutions in both Korea and abroad

Aquisition of a Korean Language Instructor certification as non-native Korean speaker

Obtaining permanent residency or other specific Visa types in Korea

For use in the ‘Korea Immigration and Integration Program’ operated by the Ministry of Justice.

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Please note that TOPIK courses are self study course and the testing is carried out on behalf of the Korean Government. The KCL is not involved in this aspect, but we can help you with your learn as you work through the different levels  up to Level 6. To find out more please contact us.