Reading and Writing in Hangul is also Important.

My first visit to Seoul was amazing. A real eye opener. The city is relatively new by UK standards and the layout is very simple. Big wide avenues, big wide pavements and although it’s a busy city it never really feels too crowded. But each area has a special characteristic. Dongdaemun  for example is famous for the market area but also the area is famous for textiles. If you want material or clothes or curtains that is the place to go. Namdaemum market has been establish for 0ver 300 hundred years and is famous for being the biggest market  and shopping area in Seoul. What you must remember though is that although you can find your way to the markets via the underground, which exit do you take? Some underground stations are the size of a small airport, with maybe 12 exits. And when you get to the shopping area, there’s no English signs to help you. Its all in Hangul.

 And what about food? Do you want to try a particular type of food like Gopchang? Which are the best restaurants and in which area? When you arrive at the restaurant area the streets are often older and narrower and the restaurants are plentiful. But which one got the best review? Trust me you will need to read the signs.

And once you’re inside the restaurant, well then you really are in for a treat. But what to eat?

As you can see from the above picture the food represents great value for money, but in the vast majority of restaurants, and there are many, the menu is in, yes you guessed it, Korean.

So take a tip from me. Don.t just learn to speak tourist Korean, learn to read as well…….It really will make your stay in Korea that much more rewarding, and the locals will give you the warmest welcome ever.