This is the Time.

I admit it. I am biased. I'm Head of Marketing at The Korean Language Centre and I'm Korean born. But living in the UK has taught me that English is not the only "Beautiful Language". I love Shakespeare and revel in the beauty of the language, which can be both emotional, as in Macbeth, but also humorous and light as in Midsummer Night’s Dream. English is also the Language of Business around the world and this is because it can be very accurate and succinct. But I realise that Korean, or Hangul, is the same.

Korea was always a land of philosophers and artists. A land of Poetry Music. But it was always a land of practical people, and nothing has changed. We have some of the most successful global businesses in the world, some of the best food in the world and now we have the global phenomenon which is K Pop and K Fashion.

We also have Brexit. Now is the time to embrace the special relationship between the UK and Korea. London and Britain is the one city and country Koreans dream of visiting. And to visit Seoul is a wonderful and exciting experience like no other. So learn and enjoy the words of BTS, enjoy the Korean food becoming so popular in the UK. Learn about how good life is in Korea and how they have a wonderful education system. And learn how to do business in Korea.

But first learn some Korean, because then you will begin to fully appreciate the wonderful Culture, Business, Education and excitement Korea has to offer, for everyone.