Welcome to The KLC
We are the specialists in teaching real, modern day Korean so you can live in, work in or just visit our wonderful country

Important: Please read the information about our Language Classes here which explains  how we operate and how our lessons are for learning real, modern day Korean. Our goal is to teach you to speak Korean fluently.

Our Main Courses

Beginners Classes

Love Languages? Want to learn an exciting new language and to learn more about the Culture and lifestyle of Korea? Even if you just want to learn the words to K Pop or read the menu in a Korean restaurant and talk about the food (very important in K-Life) you've come to the right place.

Improvers Classes

Whether  you are studying Languages at Uni or looking to improve your Korean Language skills to conversation level with your friends or colleagues we can help you to  reach whatever level you desire. Recent clients have established good business relationships with Koreans, both in the UK and overseas,  some students are now studying in Korean Universities. Contact us today to fund out more or Click here to see our current prices

Experienced Learners

Many students and businesses are realising that Seoul and Korean in general are exciting places to visit for tourism, education and business. If you have basic Korean and want to take it to the next level, no matter what you are looking for, we can help.

TOPIK Classes

If you are studying for TOPIK we can help you , no matter what level you are looking to reach. Most TOPIK students worry about the requirements of each level but we have a good insight of all levels from 1 to Level 6.

One to One Online Classes are available immediately


We are so proud of our culture and our beautiful language that we are passionate about teaching all our students the language and culture of Korea. Learning the correct way to speak Hangul with The Korean Language Centre really is your gateway to Korea.

Students Success Stories

I am now studying for my Masters at University in Seoul. The brilliant KLC teacher enable me to go from complete beginner to being able to read text books and write essays and converse with my tutors within 18 months. She was brilliant and I shall always be grateful for the help she gave me."



Master Student

My love of Korean culture and K Pop made me determined to forge a career in the Korean fashion Industry. I shall be moving to Korea next year to continue my studies, and my language skills will need to be fully developed. The tutor has made all this possible. Thank you so much for teaching me Korean but also about understanding the Korean lifestyle."


Fashion Designer

Learning to speak and write Korean has helped me develop my business in Korea, and forge closer ties with my Korean Business partners. They love the fact that we talk in their language, and this gives me a definite edge on my competitors. Thank you KLC"



Business Manager


As a senior Lecturer I take pride in making sure that our students learn to speak Hangul properly. We don't just teach the alphabet and a few K Pop expressions. We make sure that the students learn the correct pronunciation, and grammar so that they can speak Korean the right way.


One of my first dramas was "Lets Eat" which talks about Korean food in every episode. When I applied for the job at the Korean Language Centre, I was looking forward to  showing off my Korean skills.

It was only after I got the job, I was told that actually, my Korean was very odd and many staff couldn't understand me. In fact sometimes I was using offensive words because my pronunciation was so poor. Many thanks to Lee Das Sol for being honest enough to tell me.

So take a tip from a member of the KLC Team. Don't rely on google translations or download lessons from the internet. That's not the real Korean Language, come to the KLC and learn true Hangul, the language of artists.