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We Offer Online Korean Language Lessons for everyone in the UK .

Great News!

2023-2024 are

"Visit Korea Years".

Now there's even more opportunities to visit Korea with special K Culture and Workcation Visas

One to One Classes designed just for you

Beginner's Classes

Improver's Classes

woman writing on book
woman writing on book

Advanced Korean

Many of you have been self tutoring Korean and learning our alphabet and various phrases and words from popular K Culture such as K Pop and K Food. Learn to speak to Koreans in their own language by taking an Improver's Course at the KLC.

Love Languages? Want to learn an exciting new language and to learn more about the Culture and lifestyle of Korea? Even if you just want to learn the words to K Pop or read the menu in a Korean restaurant and talk about the food (very important in K-Life) you've come to the right place.

Whether you are studying Languages at Uni or looking to improve your Korean Language skills to conversation level with your friends or colleagues we can help you to reach whatever level you desire.

South Korea......

the trendiest place to visit.

K Culture is sweeping the world but there is more to Korea than just K Pop, and Korean Drama. Learning Korean gives you the opportunity to work, study, or visit one of the most exciting and vibrant counties in the world. Take the best of the West and the best of the East and add a load of innovation and you have South Korea, where history, heritage, beautiful scenery and the modern world are waiting for you to explore

Fall in love with Korea

"To me, Korea is unique. It offers the best of the East and the Best of the West. The history of the Culture is amazing and yet Seoul is one of the most modern and exciting cities in the world. It is so much more than just a country to visit. It is original ,has beautiful scenery, the people are amazing, and whether you want peace or excitement, Korean has it all"