What is the minimum age for your courses?

We normally teach adults over the age of 18 how to speak Korean but under certain circumstances will consider older children. Most of our team are CRB checked, and we have a qualified safeguarding officer to ensure that all our clients are fully protected no matter what their age.

How many people can attend the lessons?

We specialize in one-to-one lessons as we find this helps our clients to learn more effectively. However, we can do classes for more than one if required. Up to a maximum of 6 students can be taught at one time provided the learning environment is suitable. Please note that there is an additional charge for each extra student. We also have Mini Group Lessons for close friends and families to learn Korean together. We will discuss this when you first make your enquiry.

Where do lessons take place?

Because all of our lessons are online you can learn wherever you are. We have students who take their lessons in the kitchen sometimes and others who do their lessons even when they are on holiday in India or even Korea. We mostly use Zoom and Skype, but Teams is also available. As long as you have a god internet connection you can learn Korean from anywhere.

How many Korean language lessons should I have?

Every one of our clients has a different reason for learning Korean. For some a quick 10-hour course is enough to give the flavour of Korea and a brief understanding of conversational Korean. Some learn more quickly than others, and for some of our clients doing business, or studying in Korea means that they will need detailed courses on reading and writing Korean as well as speaking. When you call us we will discuss how we can tailor our teaching to your specific needs.

How do I know how well I am progressing?

Our experienced team analyse the progress of all our students and clients on a monthly basis and if special attention is required, we will discuss this with you as the issues arise and alter your lesson plans accordingly.

How long is each lesson?

Most lessons are for two hours at a time. This is because after that time it becomes more difficult to remember the new content of the lessons.

What happens if I want to cancel my course?

We recognise that a client's circumstances can change, and always try to help our learners when this happens. Under normal circumstances if a lesson plan is cancelled before one third of the lessons have been held we refund 50% of the fee paid. If more half of the lessons have been undertaken we reserve the right to keep the full payment made depending upon the reasons why and an individual's personal situation.

Do I get a certificate when I complete my course?

The short answer to this is no. We are teaching our clients to read write and speak Korean and depending upon the level required we can teach up to the highest level to include highly technical language and even linguistics. WE teach according to the guidelines set out by The King Sejong Institute We are not affiliated to a certified examination board and there are no examinations. You will however be able to achieve whatever level of the Korean Language you require.

Frequently Asked Questions