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Korean for Beginners

Love Languages? Want to learn an exciting new language and to learn more about the Culture and lifestyle of Korea? Even if you just want to learn the words to K Pop or read the menu in a Korean restaurant and talk about the food (very important in K-Life) you've come to the right place.

Improver's Korean

Whether  you are studying Languages at Uni or looking to improve your Korean Language skills to conversation level with your friends or colleagues we can help you to  reach whatever level you desire. Recent clients have established good business relationships with Koreans, both in the UK and overseas,  some students are now studying in Korean Universities. Talk to us today to fund out more or Click here to see our current prices

Korean for Business

There is a special bond between the UK and Korea, and this is reflected by the deep respect Koreans have for Britain and British business. If you import or export, or have associations with Korean business or culture, there has never been a better time to learn to speak Korean.

Studying for TOPIK

If you are studying for TOPIK we can help you , no matter what level you are looking to reach. Most TOPIK students worry about the requirements of each level but we have a good insight of all levels from 1 to Level 6.

Korean Language for Business

We recognise that the relationship between South Korea and the West is not just based on the growth of K Culture , music , style and the most famous brands like Samsung and Hyundai, LG and Kia. There is a growing international dialogue between all aspects of Korean commerce and the English speak world.  Recent success stories include the popularity of Korean Dramas like Squid Games. So we also offer help and advise businesses with  the most accurate Translation Services, but also we can help with the Technical side of the Korean language to help you liaise with the Korean business partners.