What is TOPIK

The Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) is a test to measure the Korean language proficiency of non-native speakers in South Korea. This examination system was introduced by the South Korean government in 1997 and conducted by a branch of the Ministry of Education of the country.The test is offered six times annually (Jan, Apr, May, Jul, Oct, Nov) within South Korea and less often to people studying Korean in other countries. The test is for individuals whose first language is not Korean and is taken by overseas ethnic Koreans, those wishing to study at a Korean university, and for those who want to be employed at Korean companies in and outside of Korea. Since 2011, TOPIK is administered by the National Institute for International Education [ko] (국립국제교육원, NIIED), a branch of the Ministry of Education in South Korea.

TOPIK aims to set a Korean Language learning path for those who do not speak Korean as their native tongue, and to promote the Korean language by officially evaluating their Korean Language proficiency. Test Results TOPIK results are valid for two(2) years from the time of test result announcements. Administrator National Institute for International Education (NIIED), Ministry of Education. Use of Test Results · Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) participants taking the Korean language course · Entrance into Korean Universities as a non-native Korean Speaker · Employment in companies and public institutions in both Korea and abroad · Aquisition of a Korean Language Instructor certification as non-native Korean speaker · Obtaining permanent residency or other specific Visa types in Korea · For use in the ‘Korea Immigration and Integration Program’ operated by the Ministry of Justice

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The objectives of TOPIK

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